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Supporting continual business development for start-up and innovator visa holders in the UK.

Our Milestone Mentoring programme is designed to support international entrepreneurs wishing to set up their innovative business in the UK through a Start-up or Innovator visa.

Whether you are already an experienced entrepreneur outside the UK or beginning your first solo venture,  we know that tailored support and access to advice and help at the right time can have a significant impact on helping your business grow.

If you have been granted a Startup Visa or an Innnovator visa for the UK, our mentoring programmes can help ensure you reach your business goals and objectives on time in order to meet your targets at your visa checkpoints.


The Milestone Mentoring Service is designed for entrepreneurs of all abilities who would benefit from assistance with meeting the criteria that are required to maintain their Start-up or Innovator visa at each checkpoint up to, and including your application for UK Permanent Residence.

To support success at each milestone, our mentoring programme covers all aspects of entrepreneurial teaching and introductions to our industry expert partners, alongside providing invaluable local insight to develop your brand, introductions to grow your relationships and preparations to kickstart your future fundraising.


Once you have received your Startup or Innovator Visa, your mentoring service begins. We’ll support you with setting up your company in the UK, getting the required documentation and the set up of your company bank account.

We’ll introduce you to industry experts for advice from our trusted partners who can also provide tax management, wealth management and legal and accounting services.

Through our online learning platform you’ll be able to take part in iUK Academy’s teaching workshops on entrepreneurial theory, as well as advanced modules relating specifically to starting a business in the UK. These are delivered through a combination of live interactive classroom workshops and our extensive online resources. You’ll also be able to receive support and advice from peer group and mentor discussion boards on the platform.

We’ll host insight sessions from other founders, hold virtual social events and include complimentary membership to our partner networking platform, enabling you to grow your professional network with peers and business mentors.


Access to live online classroom workshops, masterclasses and an extensive resource library through our online platform


Entrepreneur programme led by industry experts across all sectors combined with ongoing mentoring to support your journey


Focused personal monitoring meetings to help ensure you meet your targets at each checkpoint on your way to ILR


Join and share your business journey with our community of international entrepreneurs in the UK