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Finance built for the future

Lathro are a specialist financial services consultancy, based in Dubai and with offices in the UK and Saudi Arabia.  Our wide market coverage means that we can assist clients both in the domestic market and in the international arena.


Every client relationship with Lathro starts by establishing what the funding requirements for the client are and once that is done we work in close partnership with our clients to make sure the best possible solutions are identified, and then put in place.

The days of one size fits all for every funding requirement are gone as far as Lathro are concerned and with over 30 years experience in Financial Services that can be drawn on, and an in-depth knowledge of the wider financial services sector, we are perfectly placed to help our clients with achieving their future plans. We are perfectly placed to look at funding requirements from $5M to $500M plus.

Bespoke Financial Solutions

30 Years Experience in Financial Service

In-depth knowledge of Financial Sector


There are many different types of finance available, and Lathro help guide our clients through the maze, to find their best outcome. The primary areas we find most of our clients are seeking assistance with are:


A term loan is usually for a specific amount and has a specified repayment schedule.  Interest rates are normally fixed at the start although there are some loans where the interest rate can vary depending on Base Rate moves. This type of loan is often appropriate for an established business with financial statements readily available, and generally requires property in security of the loan.


Buy To Let (BTL) loans work differently to standard loans, and BTL loans are geared specifically to those who buy property as an investment, rather than buy it as somewhere they want to use personally.  The loans can be for both residential and non-residential property.  Lending can be undertaken in personal names however it is more often the case that the borrowing is undertaken in the name of a limited company.  Some lenders will only lend to experienced landlords, so it is key for anyone considering purchasing an investment property that they get the right advice.  Any lending is secured against the property(ies) being purchased and the rental income is used to service the monthly costs of the loan.


A short-term finance option which “bridges” the financial gap between the purchase of one asset and the re-sale, and longer term finance of it.  This is often used to allow developers to purchase a site quickly, while the finalise the planning on the site, or arrange for the longer term funding package to be put in place.  They can be used for other purposes though and generally are for a term of between 6 and 24 months.


A development loan is a short-term funding option, usually for a term of between 6 and 24 months, and is designed to assist with the the costs involved with the purchase, and subsequent development, of a site.  Generally, it is for residential property although we can source finance for commercial development also.

The funding can be used to support a full spectrum of works, from new build, conversion to refurbishment works, and can be for a single unit site through to a multiple unit site which is developed in phases. There are several major types of Development Finance loans, and we have an in-depth knowledge of them all, as well as close links with lenders who actively support both types.


These loans are specifically used to support developers who have completed most, or all, of the work on a site and are keen to move on to the next, while sales are achieved/completed on the final phase.  Similar to a bridging loan, the loan is secured against the remaining properties and is for a pre-agreed period of time. Usually these loans are for a maximum term of 12 months.


Asset Finance is the name given to the various different ways a company can raise finance to purchase assets which will then be used by the company in it’s day to day operations. The company borrowing the funds must provide the lender with a security interest in the assets. We have arranged funding on a diverse selection of assets from pizza ovens, through full production site kit out to cars and even heavy machinery used by clients on their development sites.