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A Sub Division of United International Group


Company founders and directors, Chris Howard and Dave Courtnell both from the service industry, established Howdra Employment Services in London, UK over 20 years ago in 1992.

Chris had his own cleaning company employing over 100 staff which enabled Howdra Employment Services (UK) Ltd to hold many prestigious contracts. David had his own building maintenance company for 20 years then a Property Management Director overseeing 510 residential properties.

Howdra Employment Services are an original British family run maid company. Not only are the founders, father and son in law , Sarah Howard ( David’s daughter and Chris’s wife ) is company secretary so a truly British run company.

Many of Howdra’s staff are long standing employees mirroring the ethos of the Howdra family tradition and through their dedication and hard work have seen many of them promoted from within the company.

Whilst the majority of our ladies and gentleman originally arrived as cleaners they would work for at least 2 years in this role. Some began to adopt new roles such as administrative and took up new positions working in our offices. This helped us promote to our clients that our team had extensive knowledge in the field, and thus exuded the confidence that staff are fully aware of the challenges arising from day to day life.

Over the years we have all seen a dramatic change in technology and in 2014 Howdra Employment Services moved to new state of the art 4,200 sqft head offices in Silicone Oasis, Dubai, UAE.

Internally Howdra completed a massive over haul of all systems that now sees Howdra  online  with Ministry of Labour, Ministry of Foreign affairs as well as the Epro systems.

Recently Howdra have launched its very own online booking system whereby our clients can simply click, book and pay, cutting out tiresome long phone calls. Our system incorporates an instant update schedule sent directly to our  team so our clients can book a maid online. Once notification is received our drivers and maid will receive all the details.

Howdra also holds a temporary labour supply license which is compliant with the Economic and Labour Department. This legally covers the companies activities, giving our clients the peace of mind that Howdra Maids are working for the best interests of both employee and client alike.

Pre Pandemic +1000 Staff

20 Years in International Recruitment

Post Pandemic +1000 Staff


  • Utilizing Governmental Registered Agencies
  • IELTS Testing
  • Documentation & Testing within countries
  • Attestation within countries
  • Medical certification within countries
  • Visa documentation to comply with company / country visa regulations
  • Ethical recruitment



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A Skilled or Unskilled Laborer, is responsible for performing various tasks to aid daily operations at a construction site.


Professional housemaids who specialize in cleaning, washing, ironing and caring for children.


An Office Administrator, or Office Manager, completes clerical and administrative tasks for an office


An Accountant or Accountant Professional is responsible for the management and reporting of financial data of an organization.


An IT Specialist is in charge of setting up, managing and troubleshooting the technology systems that a business uses to maintain computer and software networks.